Photos have always mattered to me. Whether I spent hours taking photos of my sister posing, poured over details of my parent’s wedding album, or traveled to West Africa with my dad’s old film camera, there has always been something meaningful to me about preserving time and space through a lens.

After I got married, my husband Tony always pushed and encouraged me to keep learning the craft and not let camera settings get the way. We each taught for Chicago Public Schools before launching our full time wedding photography business in 2012. We were able to hone our skills, develop business strategies, connect with amazing people around Chicago, and had the opportunity to travel the world. We quickly realized that taking photos for a living was something we were both passionate about in our own way.

In 2018, we moved to Cleveland. We were drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit, the smaller city vibe, and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally-to step into something completely new. With a growing family and the desire to cut back on long weekend hours, I decided to branch out into branding work. Through the process of connecting with incredible companies and organizations, I have been nothing but inspired by the work of passionate people around Cleveland. It’s been a deep honor to learn and capture meaningful content to supplement the hard work that is already in place.

Apart from taking photos, I love spending time with my two young boys, traveling to far off cities, lingering in my kitchen over a good recipe, speaking Spanish whenever I get the opportunity, lounging over a good brunch with my husband, meandering on a bike and connecting with my local church.

I’m looking forward to continuing this work in this beautiful city.

Because Cleveland, I think you’re gorgeous.