Fount Leather Project

It’s always a pleasure to get a call or email from FOUNT, asking about a shoot. This was the third shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of, this one a lot more extensive than the first two. It was a full day branding shoot with the goal of mapping out content for both their website and social media account for several months. We met on a cold January day but created shots for mother’s day, summer ice cream hangouts and a water initiative that rolled out this spring. It was a mix of product photography, flat lays, lifestyle, shop interior and incorporating local businesses in the area. There were conference calls, lists, models, outfit changes, props and a ton of planning from FOUNT’s team.

FOUNT is always surprising it’s followers with exciting giveaways. This product shot, styled by Jackie, incorporated not only the limited edition Pomegranate clutch but some of Cleveland’s best- Pegs Hardware, OY-L and Billiam Jeans.

And speaking of the pomegranate clutch, you better believe team FOUNT isn’t going to waste the vitamin C of a fresh pomegranate on a bitter January day.

I loved this shoot because it was most certainly a team effort on the styling front. FOUNT came with vision, hands and props to bring their ideas to life. I added suggestions about composition, lighting and tweaked a few things here and there a long the way. The models were naturals but we did have to create some movement, think about our light source and try to generate some raw emotion.

Clean product photography was an essential component to include in our shoot-both for website and social media use.

After spending the morning at the new FOUNT HQ office, we headed over to the storefront. The direction of the shoot changed from this point. We wanted to move from products and flat lays to solid interiors of the store. We also incorporated the models. While the light was gorgeous for an interior shot it was tricky to find clean light for my subjects. I decided to use the harsh light in my favor and try to push FOUNT’s typically clean light aesthetic into new realms. I felt the harsh light brought a dynamic addition to the delivered set.

The rest of the afternoon, into the evening, we stopped at different local businesses in Gordon Square. The idea here was to bridge FOUNT with the people in their neighborhood. We stopped at many places including Luxe Kitchen and Lounge, The Daily Press, Oceanne and IL Rione’s. This portion of the shoot was all about lifestyle. Nothing overly mapped out but once in the space, artistically composed with an attention to detail and light.

This shoot was a dream, mostly because I felt like I worked with the dream team. From the models who braved the elements and all the outfit changes, to the FOUNT staff who mapped out the necessary shots, to the businesses who agreed to let a team of 6 people in their shop at one time, to Jackie who brought tons of vision and of course, fun into the day. It was a treat to be a part of their visual presence on all of their media platforms.